Wher Clutch History

Gold Whers


Cereisk was hatched as part of a clutch that was sold a Turn's End Gather. She Impressed to Vicerein. She has one clutch, Thinning Veils, which was sired by bronze Drysk.

Thinning Veils Clutch - 5.8.1245

Phoenix Sticesk of Solstice
Male Phoenix of Enasai
Bronze Vrisk of Syvri
Mercury Twilight of Renser
Sosk of Solstice
Iron Sysk of Syvri
Iron Tonask of Tolna
Blue Esk of Enasai
Blue Resk of Renser
Blue Olsk of Tolna
Green Sesk of Renser
Green Nask of Enasai
Green Tolsk of Tolna




Inferno Clutch - 7.5.1245

Gold Kelturask of Keltura
Bronze Kachesk to Kachen
Tiger Iron Malrisk of Malrigor
Brown Iansk to Cyrian
Brown Kask of Kachen
Mercury Latoriask of Latoria
Mercury Mikask of Mikathren
Blue Latorisk of Latoria
Green Karimisk of Karimimela
Green Mask of Malrigorsk
Green Yorsk to Yorikal
Green Misk of Mikathren
Green NPCsk of NPC
Rainbow Topaz Keltusk of Keltura
Rainbow Topaz Lunesk to Lunesta
Rainbow Topaz Riask to Cyrian
Rianbow Topaz Chesk of Kachen
Rainbow Topaz Eiynsk of Eiyna
White(Male) Eiysk of Eiyna



Mercury Whers



Green Whers

Rainbow Topaz Whers

White Whers

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