Learn about the Wher Colors of Sapphos, both canon and sport. This page includes Sizes and Ranks.


Important things to note: Four legs, two wings. Each wing is on average as long as the body, giving a wingspan of roughly 2 times body length. Ribs cross the chest rather than fusing at a central plate. Circulatory fluid is ichor, not blood (ichorous creature). Omnivorous. While Fellis is toxic, all dosages result in severe sickness, their size makes death by fellis unlikely and expensive to achieve. Nonetheless, it is possible.


Whers will usually take on their handler's name, or some portion thereof which reflects their bond strength with their handler. For example, Kask of Karimimela likely has a weak bond, whereas Rimimelask of Karimimela probably has a very strong one. However, whers may also change their name as they age, to reflect changes in their respect for their handler. Whers may also choose not to take on a Bond name, usually reflecting either an exceptionally weak bond, or a state of loathing and distrust for their handler.

Whers choose their own names, but are not born knowing them. Once they have chosen their name, it may takes days or even weeks for them to let their handler know it, or they may do so immediately, usually because they are either very close to their handler, or sick and tired of being called 'Bronze wher' or similar.

Bond Strength

Varies wildly, with weak bonds roughly equal to firelizards and strong bonds capable of creating the insanity seen in dragonless riders upon wher death. However, Wherless madness is often much less severe.

Bonding a wher does not preclude other bond types.


Whers learn to talk fairly slowly, over the course of their first Turn or so of life. They often choose not to speak in human languages, but rather in wherspeak, and to be spoken to directly by a wher means one of two things: either they hold in you very high regard, or they think you don't understand their vocal threats and must deign to use mindspeak.

Mating and Clutches

A Wher's bonded will feel highly aroused during a mating flight, and resistability varies based on bond strength. Stronger bondmates may be unable to resist the compulsion where weaker bondmates could.

A Gold will usually clutch between 3 and 15 eggs, with less than a third in duds, and no more than one additional gold in every three clutches.

A Green will usually clutch up to ten eggs, with between three quarters and one half being duds.

Wher Clutch History is on another page.


Whers are a Hear-All species. This means that players may purchase a Hear-All-Whers, or HAW, token for a human or Loper character. HAWs, referred to in game as Hear Alls, or Those That Hear, have varying levels of power and responsibility, covered in more detail in the Abilities section.

The current Beacon of Firelizards is The wild wher child of the jungle.

Other Hear Alls can be found in the Abilities Population List.

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