Sapphos Weyr

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Rider Weyrs

The rider weyr's are where non-Weyrling riders live. For the most part. In fact, because Senior Weyrling dragons are often too large to live in the miniature housing of the Weyrling Clearing, they usually choose their dwelling around one Turn of age. The selection of a weyr is given by relative rank, based on color. Fighter gold weyrlings receive first choice, followed by their red feline sisters, and so on. In the event of a Calcium's birth, she will be given first choice and allowed to choose for her Cobalt, though it is heavily suggested that such dragonesses elect to live in the Goldhome among Fertile Golds.

There are two types of Rider weyr: clearing and cave.


The clearings are a massive stretch of space on the opposite bank of the Black River from Goldhome, Weyrtown and the Weyrling clearings. The area was clear-cut by the first settlers in the Weyr, and the exceedingly dense jungles which surround them provide a reasonable degree of protection from non-draconic invasion, though they do tend to result in a higher than average incidence of random wild animals appearing in the Weyr.

Each clearing weyr consists of a hut for the rider, with between three and six rooms, made of sturdy but thin wood, with a thatched roof. Huts may or may not have windows, and larger huts are technically reserved for those riders with Weyrmates and children too young for fostering or creche care. As such, the larger huts usually have two shallow, sand-filled pits for dragons to sleep in.

These pits, which may be called a variety of names including 'beds' and 'hollows' by dragons themselves, are often marked with two poles at one end. Each hut comes provided with an additional two poles, and when a rider moves in, a sufficiently large swatch of fabric to create shade and shelter for the dragon or dragons in question.


As an extension of the caves which mark the Rock Flats hatching ground, there are also cave weyrs for riders and dragons. There are less than a third as many cave weyrs as clearing, however, and first and foremost they belong to the Weyr's wher handlers. If there are vacancies after all the wher handlers have been provided for, riders may take residence in them, and northern riders often do. However, it should be noted that riders will be removed to make room for whers if necessary.


In short, Goldhome is where the Golds live. The fertile ones, at any rate. It consists of the twelve most ornate dwellings in the Weyr, spaced by appropriately massive sand pits for the queens to rest in. These are arranged roughly in a circle pattern, with the Weyrwoman's dweeling at the point nearest to the hatching grounds, and her juniors selecting their own homes from those offered.

Because the Weyr's foreplanners were alarmingly optimistic, most of these dwelling are empty and rather dismal. However, the quality of the architecture still holds, and they are maintained regularly enough by weyrfolk and staff. In addition, the space can be used to host visiting dignitaries from other Weyrs, though it has very rarely done so.

Candidate Houses

The candidate houses are located approximately between Goldhome and the Weyrtown. Candidate houses are huts, much liker rider weyrs, and are fairly spartan. Each hut is divided into four apartments, and candidates live in groups of four within them. They are divided such that there is a circular central area within the hut used for socializing, with one room, or barrack, in each of the four corners. The rooms are fairly small, preventing many personal belongings and discouraging private visitors, for obvious reasons.

The Hatching Grounds

Rock Flats

The rock flats are not primarily a dragon hatching ground, though they have served that purpose, and do so admirably. Because of the proximity to the Black River, however, this hatching ground is regarded almost warily. Nonetheless, for those dragons with an urge to shelter their eggs in an enclosed space, and for whers which cannot tolerate daylight, there are many caves which crop up on the borders of the Rock Flats.

Temperatures for clutches on the rock flats are maintained by sun exposure during the daylight, which even manages to heat some of the shallower caves effectively, and lit fire pits at night.

Burning Sands

The Burning sands, but like the rider clearings, are the end result of clear cutting. However, this massive, soot-streaked sand pit would easily hold three queens and their broods- though, of course, such queens would not doubt become viciously territorial.

Because sand is not known for it's heat keeping abilities- even in the height of the day, it becomes cool to the touch only a few inches below the surface- fire pits are kept lit at all times. It then becomes the goldrider's responsibility to convince her dragoness to keep the eggs near these fires, which will be constantly well stocked to provide heat for the eggs.

The Burning Grounds are the preferred hatching ground for dragons, and due to their proximity to the jungles, many other wild animals have been seen heating and keeping their clutches here as well.

Weyrling Clearings

Miniaturized versions of the Clearing weyrs, this large area, bordered on two sides by bits of the Black River, and encircled by a large, heavy wooden fence, serves as the temporary home for growing dragons.

In the center of the clearing are two full sized weyrs for the Weyrlingmaster and her Head Assistant.

The fence has on large gate to the south, and encircles a portion of the black river for bathing and wing strengthening exercises as well. The gate is closed at sundown each night, and weyrlings still residing in the clearing (less than one turn) are expected to be within the gate's confines by then. If they are not, their punishment is being forced to sleep on the ground by the fence, as well as extra chores the following day.

The Infirmary

Located just south of the Weyrling fence, and north of Weyrtown, the infirmary is placed ideally to treat the majority of the Weyr's residents. However, because of the distance from the infirmary to the hatching grounds, goldhome, and the cave weyrs, there has been some debate that an ancilliary station should be opened at the south end of the Weyr.


Weyrtown is where the vast majority of the Weyr's population lives. Crafters, weyrfolk, visiting holders. Whatever they are, if they don't have a gigantic dragon or cranky wher to deal with, they probably live, or at least sleep, here. In fact, some where handlers reside here as well, simply because they prefer it to being on the edges of the Weyr, where the cave weyrs are located.

It consists almost entirely of wooden buildings, often with thatched roofs. However, some buildings have tiled roofs, and there are three or four made of stone, mostly forges where fire risk is a serious consideration.

The Wild Wherry

Located in the heart of Weyrtown, just on the edge of the markets, is the Wild Wherry tavern. A popular meeting place for those who would rather not hold guests in their personal space, they are quite liberal with their liquor and wines, working under the assumption that if you are old enough and sane enough to have money and place an order, you are more than capable of handling it. This freewheeling with giving drinks to children and the dragonless has occasionally led to trouble, but for the most part it is overlooked. Because, really, what would the Weyr do, without the Wherry?

The Markets

Imagine a gather market, full of travelling traders and a few local crafters who are taking advantage of the holiday crowds. Now, imagine the holiday crowds are, actually, just the usual population strolling through. If you have ever had the fortune to stumble upon a downtown marketplace in a small town, you'll know what we mean.

While rarely bustling, the markets are a central part of the Weyr, and another common meeting place, where people go to obtain new goods, to commission special projects, and just to browse.

On occasion, there are even shocking bargains from travelling traders, like the old woman with the wher eggs who appears once a year, or the jewelry trader who creates those strange, charmed good-luck pendants for candidates.

Purchases may be made here from both staff and other players. In character purchases may or may not have an out of character marks price. That is up to the players to determine.

Currently, the following shops are open for orders and play:

  • Golden Mornings: Fine Jewelry by Innaria
  • K'ars Illustrious Wonders: Weapons and every day jewels by K'ar
  • Loti's Shaltiris: Excellently bred Sharliti Riding and Flying wherries, with lines created by Calciumrider Loti
  • Milona's Pet Sales: Firelizard eggs and Kittens from the Beacon of Firelizards herself.
  • Fly Away Home: G'nek's Wherries. Theoretically in competition with Loti's Wherries, though both are rarely open.

Most other crafters will take commissions personally, but do not have permanent shops.

The Black River

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