Moharks are like flits without wings. They were accidently created in an experiment before dragons were successfully created. These creatures, generally a little smaller than flits, hid themselves, ashamed at the loss of their wings. They didn't emerge until a mother was brutally killed by a feline and a human stumbled upon her soon-to-hatch clutch. The traveler loaded the clutch and some hot sand into a bag, thinking it was a flit clutch, and transported them back to the weyr. When they hatched he was shocked to see the little wingless flits. Each one had two tear-drop shaped markings under each eye. The color of the markings depended on the color of the mohark. On rare occasion a mohark will be a normal flit color (eg: Gold or Bronze), thought they normally have one of five colors and one of these five colors will always be the color of their markings. It is believed the markings are there to show the mourning for the loss of their wings. They impress as flits do.

They have a different color/rank hierarchy as well.


Learn about the Mohark Colors of Sapphos, both canon and sport. This page includes Sizes and Ranks.


Important things to note: Four legs, no wings. Very fast on foot, and agile. Hard to catch. Have specializaed and exaggerated neckridges, as compared to firelizards, which follow the entire length of their spine, leading to slang term 'mohawks'. Ribs cross the chest rather than fusing at a central plate. Circulatory fluid is ichor, not blood (ichorous creature). Omnivorous. Fellis is toxic, all dosages result in severe sickness and even disability, and they are easily killed by fellis consumption.

Bond Strength

The weakest bond strength on site, barring some breeds of Lesser Wyvern. They can usually produce images in their bondeds mind, but primarily communicate by emotion. Because of weak bond strength, they are very self sufficient, and if they believe they are unwanted, they will 'go feral.' The bond will not break, but the firelizard will purposely avoid using it, and travel very far from their Bonded to live in the wild. Feral firelizards can be convinced to return, if the bond is strong enough and the apparent mistreatment can be proven not to continue.


The Talking Flit modifier may be purchase and applied to any firelizard, upon creation or retroactively. In addition, talking flits may be occasionally given on-site by admins or clutches.

Flits with a particular gift for words and be expected to selectively parrot a word that is currently on their Bonded's mind. EG, if their Bonded is sewing, they may spout 'Needle' or 'Sew'. All talking flits also have a working vocabulary of about fifteen words, almost always including 'Hungry' and 'Danger'. Barring admin permission, a talking flit is not able to form even rudimentary sentences, though some may be capable of using adjective, such as saying 'very hungry' rather than just 'hungry hungry.'

Dragonets, Moharks and Firelizards

So. What's the difference between the three? Well, for the purposes of Hear-All abilities, there is none, so to start with, you cannot have a Beacon of Firelizards and a Beacon of Moharks, those are the same person. Properly speaking, all three should be treated as breeds of the same species.

Moharks are basically modern firelizards with no wings, and more ridges all the way down their backs. The evolutionary purpose of these modifications is unknown.

Dragonets are the ancient ancestors to both modern firelizards and modern dragons. They are slightly smaller firelizards, with only three toes, sharper heads more suited to diving in water, and smaller headknobs. They are less capable of communicating with humans that modern firelizards, although there is evidence that they are in fact more intelligent.

Mating and Clutches

Moharks can't fly, obviously, but they mate similarly to flits and dragons. After blooding her meal, the female takes off running instead of flying, giving a loud a challenging bulge and any male who will answers by chasing after her, as male flits would fly after a female. They do anything and everything to win the female's affection until she is too tired to run any farther or she chooses one to take as her mate. Usually she submits to the male nearest her when she grows too tired. They clutch about the same amount of time after a chase as flits do after a flight. Usually moharks bury their eggs, but a few clutches have been found in the open, above ground.

More information on clutching numbers can be found on the Mohark Color page.

A mohark's bonded will feel highly aroused during a mating flight, but resistance is no harder than resisting that last piece of cake, or cup of wine: it varies from person to person, but the compulsion can usually be ignored.

Clutch History is on another page.


Firelizards and their kin, Moharks and Dragoents, are a Hear-All species. This means that players may purchase a Hear-All-Firelizards, or HAF, token for a human or Loper character. HAFs, referred to in game as Hear Alls, or Those That Hear, have varying levels of power and responsibility, covered in more detail in the Abilities section.

The current Beacon of Firelizards (and dragonets and moharks) is Milona of Maltese Red Feline Balath.

Other Hear Alls can be found in the Hear Alls Population List.

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