Lesser Wyvern

Please note that this page discusses only Lesser Wyverns. If you are seeking information on Greater Wyverns, please visit their page.

Jade Wing Wyvern


These small wyverns are often refered to as Snake Flits, for their strange resemblance to a tunnelsnake/firelizard crossbreed. Like all "Glider" Wyverns, Jade Wings have long, serpentine bodies and a single set of broad wings. Like most wyverns, Jade Wings lack forearms. They are rather regularly colored, with dark bodies in any color, with fantastically vivid neon green wingsails, which often have markings in other colors as well. They range from 12 inches to 36 inches in length, or from one to three feet, with a height approximately 1/3 their length. Another notable characteristic are the series of three "whiskers" on each cheek of Jade Wing wyverns, which are in fact protective barns that can puncture flesh. In most situations, the barbs lie flat against the wyvern's head, but under stress they will flare out, much like a lizard's frill, becoming a shield of sorts to protect their heads. These barbs are not poisonous, but are hooked and hard to remove. If broken, cheek barbs will regrow, slowly, over the course of several months.

Like all pet varieties of wyvern, females have a straight barb on their tail, at a roughly ninety degree angle, which is hollow, sharp, and if untreated is lethally poisonous to any animal that has blood rather than ichor. Ichorous animals will instead suffer a severe and debilitating burning sensation in the area of the sting for a few hours to a day, often accompanied by boils. Males have a hooked barb which is not as useful defensively, but does allow them to safely mate with females by holding their poisoned barbs at bay. This barb is often, though not always, colored in a fashion reminiscent of their wing markings.


Snake Flits mate by battle rather than by racing. A female that is in estrus will call all worthy male challengers to fight each other, either to death or until she has selected her suitor. Then, that suitor will will be expected to best the female in aerial combat. Upon succeeding in overpowering her, the male will be allowed to mate with his female.

Jade Wing wyverns are not known for their fair making tendencies. However, young wyverns are easily integrated into existing fairs of firelizards or wyverns.


Snake Flits have the weakest bond of all wyvern varieties, with the strongest being as communicative as a green firelizard. They are never capable of learning speech, rarely obey commands, and even the images they share with their bonds are very fuzzy and confusing. However, they are capable of a variety noises, and usually make their point known. Snake flits that are raised in close quarters with whers may learn to speak in wher sounds as well.

Lesser Seraphim Wyvern


Ranging in size from three to six feet in length with a height of roughly 1/10 their length, and a wingspan equal to their length, Lesser Seraphim are highly sought after as pets for their often astonishing arrays of markings and coloration, as well as their unique arrangement of wings. Each Lesser Seraphim has six wings, a front oriented pair that is often somewhat longer, and four rear wings that, while smaller than the main wings, are usually oriented closely together, either side-by-side or even one-above-the-other, and are more than capable of carrying the wyvern's entire weight if the main wings are injured. In addition, they have no legs, which contributes to their flexibility, and they are often seen as living scarves by the wealthy and fashionable.

As a rule, duller colored seraphim are female, and brighter ones are male. However, this is a very general rule that is often disproven.

Like all pet varieties of wyvern, females have a straight barb on their tail, at a roughly ninety degree angle, which is hollow, sharp, and lethally poisonous to any animal that has blood rather than ichor. Ichorous animals will instead suffer a severe and debilitating burning sensation in the area of the sting for a few hours to a day. Males have a hooked barb which is not asuseful defensively, but does allow them to safely mate with females by holding their poisoned barbs at bay. These barbs are usually in duller, unsaturated shades that stand out against the fantastic colors of the Seraphim's hide.


Lesser Seraphim have complex mating rituals. In ther maiden flight, a lesser seraphim may choose to race suitors, or fight them. Whoever wins that maiden flight will be the females chosen mate from then on. However, should a challenging male wish to claim her when she rises, he may attack the current mate and fight either to death, or until the female chooses the challenger. A choice for the original mate will usually not serve to stop the battle. Upon a challenger being accepted, he will still have to prove himself to the female, either by besting her in combat, or catching her in a racing flight.

Lesser Seraphim are fairly social, and enjoy being part of a large fair. Many females will be protective of their eggs, in an attempt to hoarde their young and increase their fair size.


Lesser Seraphim can have the "Talking Flit" Marks Shop modifier applied to them. Communicative ability seems to roughly parallel size, with larger seraphim being able to form clearer images and stronger bonds. However, all seraphim have bond strength in the firelizard range, with females tending towards stronger bonds than males as well.

Fire Wyvern


Presumed to be the result of crossbreeding between ancestral wyverns and ancestral dragonets, Fire Wyverns look nearly identical to modern firelizards, though a trained eye can spot the fine boned, flexible build of a wyvern. They are the only pet veriety of wyvern capable of chewing firestone and flaming, hence the name "Fire Wyvern." They have four legs and two wings, but their limbs are often very closely set, giving them oddly long necks and tails. In addition, their lack of any predicatable colorings and patterns often gives them away as wyverns. However, some of them, if they are fortunately colored, may be mistaken for firelizards.

Aside from their ability to flame, fire wyverns are unique among pet wyverns for their lack of tail barbs, meaning that they rarely win mating battles. However, their long wingspans do make them considerable competitors in mating races.

They range in size from 24 to 60 inches in length, or two to five feet, with a shoulder height of approximately 2/3 their overall length.


Fire Wyvern females usually mate in a style very similar to firelizards. However, their flights may be somewhat more violent than the average firelizard, and they will gladly welcome any wyvern or firelizard competitors. Likewise, male fire wyverns can be seen participating in any pet wyvern mating competitions, as well as in firelizard flights.

They are quite social animals, and while some individuals may show aggressive or isolationsist tendencies, over all, their dragonet haritage come through clearly and they enjoy the company of a large fair.


The Talking Flit Marks Shop modifier may be applied to these wyverns. Their bond strength varies, usually by relative age. If a fire wyvern bonds to a master right out of its shell, it will usually have a much stronger bond than one which chooses a bondmate months or Turns later. They are capable of a large array of vocal communications as well, though the most effective manner of communicating with a fire wyvern remains either emotional transfer or the use of a dragonkin translator.

Red Spiral Wyvern


Named for two traits, the Red Spirals have hides which are based in the red spectrum, with markings in any color. In addition, their mating barb is fluted and spiralled, much like a mythical unicorn's horn. The Red Spiral is a close relative of the Seraphim breeds of wyvern, possibly the result of a cross breed between a lesser seraphim and a western desert wyvern. They have six wings in the same arrangement as a lesser seraphim: a main pair that is larger and stronger, and an auxiliary set of four set further back which are able to carry the wyverns entire weight if needed.

The Red Spiral also has two "rear" legs which enable quick and talented launches, and with some practice, a Red Spiral can learn to walk with relative skill and grace. Red Spirals are also the largest pet breed of Wyvern, with a length ranging between six and twelve feet, and hip heights approximately 2/3 of their length. However, because of their slender builds, they are, as a rule, unable to carry any passenger above eighty pounds: namely, children. Some wyverns may be weaker or stronger, but the maximum weight ever recorded is one hundred and ten pounds.


Red Spirals mate mainly through racing, though some may choose battle. Similarly to most Dragonkin, Red Spirals choose a new mate for each estrus cycle. However, they may show preference for past mates, and it is not unheard of for a Red Spiral to consistently mate with a chosen partner.

Red Spirals are very social wyverns, travelling in fairs of more than twenty individuals in the wild, and handle sharing their Bonded with anything from firelizards to dragons happily and easily.


Red Spirals can have the "Talking Flit" Marks Shop modifier applied to them. Red Spirals have the strongest bond strength of pet wyvern varieties. Their bond can range as high as an extremely weak wher (eg, a wher which takes its own name, rather than its handler's). Their images are usually very firm and very clear, and they can be trusted to not only carry messages on paper, but to carry "recordings" of their Bonded speaking and play back that image for a recipient. They do not speak naturally, however, and have a memoryspan of only a day or two.


Lesser Wyverns are not a Hear-All species. However, Lesser Wyverns may respond similarly to a HAF or HAWyv as Firelizards and Greater Wyverns respectively. This is covered in more detail in the Abilities section.

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