Eyes - Ikuzu have anywhere from two to six eyes, their eye sight isn't the greatest but they can see everywhere. These creatures are very much a prey creature, their eye sight is designed for a creature settled to twilight time.

Body - The creatures also produce an ooze all their lives that is an excellent fertilizer, food for some and a decent facial mask. They have three sets of arms, one of which is used for grasphing the other two are used primarily for walking. These creatures also possess spines along their backs. These creatures are incapable of going between.

Size - Ikuzu are born at barely a half inch long and grow rapidly for the first turn of life. They grow to a rather good size of eighteen inches tall and four feet long.

Coloration - These creatures have a variety of colors, color means nothing to these creatures. They are usually brighter colors but duller ones are not unheard of.

Ikuzu are very similiar to rat's on earth, but they are also seperate in that they are very social. They live in large family group that are very fluid they can range anywhere from a few dozen to anywhere near three to four hundred because Pern has such wide open areas. They hunt in groups and tend to stay social and close together. These creatures are very intelligent in that they learn quickly from their enviroment, when kept as pets they tend to like having their human around as well as any other pets.

Ikuzu show many social behaviors when kept together, they will groom each other and help take care of one another. Typically they also help to defend the young of the colony, because they are loving and social creatures. They are very much creatures that like to please humans, they tend to be very happy around people.

Though they are social they do have a set social structure and they tend to keep it tight. They have a dominant pair similiar to a dominant breeding pair in meerkats. This dominant pair only remains dominant as long as they are strong enough to defend the position. This position changes frequently among wild groups, tame groups it changes less often.

A lot of the communication with Ikuzu is body language, their bodies are very expressive. The spines along their back go up or down based on their excitement. They do make some vocal noises but those are rare. Typically they just click or grind their teeth based on their emotions and how they feel, it's easy to understand if one tries.

NOTE: Majority of the social behaviors were re done by me. Because they are based on rats and rats are quite intelligent. I just can't see Iku being as dumb as Lucius made Ikuzu seem like.

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