Depending on the mate, a female hevren can clutch anywhere from three to twelve eggs. They can also be completely sterile.


The hybrid offspring of a wher and a wyvern, hevren tend to be a bizarre mixture of their parents. Typically sired by a Greater Seraphim wyvern, they share that bright coloration. However, whers were created from the same genetic material as dragons. Because whers are more resistant to mutation than dragons, the feline mutations have not appeared in whers. With the introduction of wyvern genes, though, the same genetic code that allowed for feline dragons can be activated. Most hevren have a feline pattern in wyvern colors. They are ranked by pattern rather than color.


Wyvern eyes are not multi-faceted like most other dragonkin, but hevren eyes are mostly pupil. They thrive as nocturnal creatures, but can function normal during the day. Once a time period has been chosen, though, whether diurnal or nocturnal, a hevren will stay in that schedule.


Similar to a bovine in terms of hide, hevren hide can be washed twice a sevenday for best results, though oiling can also benefit them. It is a matter of preference.


Hevren have a range of potential mates, though they will most often mate with other hevren, or smaller whers. They can mate with Greater Seraphim wyverns, Red Spiral wyverns, and Western Desert wyverns, but each hevren will develop their own taste in who they prefer to mate.

Hevren handlers may or may not be able to resist mating compulsions, depending on bond strength.


Most commonly the result of a gold wher and a Greater Seraphim wyvern, hevren are much smaller than their parents. They can be clutched by a fertile green wher and a Red Spiral wyvern, but this is rarer, and results in even smaller specimens.


As they are typically sired by scissor-wing wyverns, most hevren have four wings at the shoulder blade. Those sired by Western Desert wyverns may also have the four-wing configuration, but they more commonly have two wings at the shoulders, and very thick hindlegs. Four winged Hevrens are usually though not always capable of flight. Two winged hevrens are usually, though not always, capable of night-flight.


  • Striped - Highest Ranked Hevren, they are strong willed and very much like their dragon counterpart. They are very rare, and marked in stripes, though they may be any color.
  • Rock - The next highest ranked. They are the next rarest, and are marked in points, thought hey may be any color.
  • Splotched - Slightly Uncommon. They have no particular marking patterns, but often contain large, irregular patches of color, giving their name.
  • Spotted - The most common Hevren, they are long legged like their dragon counterpart, and are usually covered in small spots, which may be round or irregular.

Sex is not set to a fixed ratio. They are equally likely to be either male or female.


Regardless of rank, hevren can range from four feet in height, eleven feet long, and thirteen-foot wingspan, down to two feet in height, six feet long, and eight-foot wingspan. The larger ones are spawned by either Greater Seraphim or Western Desert wyvern, and clutched by a gold wher. Small ones are typically the result of a Red Spiral and a fertile green wher.

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