Origin and History

Drats were created after the original colonists settled in at Landing. For the first several years of life on Pern, the colony Stores were open to the public. One young geneticist, working under the direction of [Kit Ping Ying], developed her own side project. She spliced some of the house cat ova with the fire lizard DNA they were using to engineer the dragons.

History has not recorded why she chose these two animals to meld, but the results were not what was expected. They could not flame, and were abandoned shortly after Thread began falling. Even their creator forgot them when Garben blew and they evacuated to the North.

Only the toughest of these strange creatures survived, and they kept mostly to themselves until recently. A mother lost her life in Threadfall, and a group of Traders discovered her latest litter.


The splice between cat and dragon DNA was not complete, and drats take mostly after their feline genetics. They look like common house cats, with normal colorings. The only hints of their alien nature are evidenced in their wings, which are darker than their main color, and a longer neck.



  • [Calico]
  • [Gold]
  • [Smokey Gray]


  • [Black]
  • [Blue-Black]
  • [Copper]
  • [Gray]
  • [Orange]
  • [Orange Tabby]
  • [Tabby]
  • [Silver]
  • [White]


Drats will take letters from the names of their bonded, though typically ending with 'ie' at the end, and sometimes not. It depends on the individual Drat. But their name will be some version of their bonded. IE: Kinian = Kinie, Z'hyr, was Zephyr, so the drat would call it's self Zeph, Zephie, Hyrie, Phyr, or Phyrie just to give you an idea.

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