Learn about the Dragon Colors of Sapphos, both canon and sport. This page includes Sizes and Ranks.


Dragon Population List



Bond Strength

Dragons have varying strength of bond, but any dragonrider will go mad or become suicidal at the loss of their dragon. That in mind, stronger bonds usually denote a greater amount of control from the dragon than the rider. Ideally, the strongest bonds have dragons and riders as equal partners, and the weakest have riders as nothing short of tyrants to their dragons, even if they are benevolent ones. The Gold dragon Takhisith, however, has proven that a bond too strong for a human can exist, giving the dragon disproportionate control over their rider.

Currently, Takhisith of Leira has the strongest bond on-site; Deidarth of Nefisral has the weakest.

For information on which bonds prevent which other bonds, please read the bond strength page.

Wing Anatomy


General Anatomy

Important things to note: Four legs, two wings. Each wing is on average as long as the body, giving a wingspan of roughly 2 times body length. Ribs cross the chest rather than fusing at a central plate. Circulatory fluid is ichor, not blood (ichorous creature). Carnivorous. While Fellis is toxic to all dragonkin, dragons themselves are too large to actually be effectively dosed with fellis, or poisoned.

Mating and Clutches

All female dragons have mating flights. During mating flights, a dragon's bond strenght (male or female) increases severalfold, resulting in humans who are often half-hallucinating that they are also dragons, and resulting in sex between the female's rider and the winning male's rider, barring special circumstances, such as sequestration with a Stand-In. However, among fertile colors, Stand-Ins are considered dangerous, as they may affect the dragon's own mating, thereby affecting clutch size and quality.


Any male dragon may catch a willing Gold, and have a legitimate chance at clutching a fertile gold egg, in that it is statistically possible, as high ranking eggs are rolled for by Random.org or granted by purchase int he Marks Shop. However, in actuality, only Red Felines and Bronzes have a legitimate chance of catching a truly competitive dragoness, and as such it is assumed that only these dragons are capable of producing a fertile gold egg.

Red Felineflight




Dragons are a Hear-All species. This means that players may purchase a Hear-All-Dragons, or HAD, token for a human or Loper character. HADs, referred to in game as Hear Alls, or Those That Hear, have varying levels of power and responsibility, covered in more detail in the Abilities section.

The current Beacon of Dragons is Maegara of Gold Jennath.

Other Hear Alls can be found in the Ability Population List.

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