Dragon Colors of Sapphos


[Dragon Rank]

  1. Gold
  2. Calcium
  3. Fighter Gold
  4. Red Feline Female
  5. Cobalt
  6. Red Feline Male
  7. Bronze
  8. Red
  9. Brown
  10. Rock Feline Female
  11. Rock Feline Male
  12. Blue Female
  13. Blue Male
  14. Green
  15. Spotted Feline Female
  16. Spotted Feline Male
  17. White



In colors with multiple sexes, fertile females will usually be larger than infertile females and males of the same color.

  • Gold 30-45
  • Cobalt 30-45
  • Red 35-40
  • Red Feline 32-42
  • Bronze 30-40
  • Brown 30-35
  • Rock Feline 30-35
  • Blue 25-30
  • Green 20-25
  • Spotted Feline 18-23
  • Calcium 15-20
  • White 10-20

Standard Colors


List of gold dragons in Sapphos

Jennath - Impressed to Megaera; weyrling gold. Currently unweyrmated.
Miroth - Impressed to Rean; senior gold. Currently weyrmated to bronze Scalpeth
Takhisith - Impressed to Leira; junior gold. Current weyrmate deceased.


List of Bronze Dragons in the Weyr


List of Brown Dragons in the Weyr


List of Blue Dragons in the Weyr


List of Green Dragons in the Weyr

Sport Colors

As a reminder, the term "sport" is for out of character use only, and refers to any color not of the original five created by McCaffrey. This includes White, as Ruth is widely considered to be the only canon sport.

Fighter/Fighting Golds

List of Fighting Gold Dragons in the Weyr

Due to mutation, five out of every six golds hatching on Sapphos is sterile and can produce flame. These fighter golds can be distinguished by the fact that they do not hatch from gold eggs. Fighter Golds can impress to men. While some fringe fanatics also theorize that fertile golds may be capable of male impression, such and event has never been recorded in Sapphos' history, and will not occur on the site.

Fighter Golds are capable of reproducing the Queen's Voice, forcing obedience from lower colors. However, because they are sterile, their voice is the weakest of the three (Fertile GOld, Female Red Feline, and Fighter Gold), and they rarely manage to control dragons above blue rank.

Red Feline

List of Red Feline Dragons in the Weyr

Rock Feline

List of Rock Feline Dragons in the Weyr

Spotted Feline

List of Spotted Feline Dragons in the Weyr


Marath - re-Impressed to Edlyn; Impressed to Kaever. Melanistic male.
Osgiliath - Impressed to N'xul. Female.
Shikakuth - Impressed to Sareta. Male.


Jironath - Impressed to Tolgar. Linked to calcium Zhath.
Larzziath - Impressed to N'tel. Linked to calcium Sereth.


calcium Sapphos Weyr

Sereth - Impressed to Loti. Linked to cobalt Larzziath.
Zhath - Impressed to Adeloc. Linked to cobalt Jironath.

As an Out of Character note, the number of Calcium dragons will never exceed two in the entirety of Pern at any one time. Rumors that one Calcium was born in the north, and her pre-impression murder resulted in widespread sickness during the hatching are entirely unsubstantiated.

Common Mutations

Common Mutations are occasionally referred to out of character as a Queen's egg trait. This is because every fertile female's player may choose a unique minor mutation to appear in each subsequent clutch of that dragon. Currently we have three Egg Traits, with a fourth planned for Maegera's Jennath.

Miroth's Clutches contain Chimeras, dragons whose bodies are clearly patterned in two or more colors. They are granted the rank of their highest color. For example, Bronze-Green Peith of the Ninja clutch is given the rank of a bronze dragon.

Takhisith's Clutches contain feline variants. Red felines have a high chance of being maltese, with a blue-grey color scheme. Rock felines may have more red to their hides, and 'king' cheetahs are not at all uncommon.

Zhath's Clutches contain twins in each egg. These twins are not Cobalt-Calcium twins, though there is usually one blue and one other color, often pale in appearance.

Other common mutations aside from egg traits include Albinism, Piebaldism and Melanism. Dragons born with these mutations will invariably know their own color and rank upon impression, though others may require a level of convincing.

Uncommon Mutations

Some dragons in Sapphos have uncommon or one-off mutations.

Inoroth is a wingless blue female. While blue females may be more common, as implied by firelizard populations, she is currently the only one of her kind. Winglessness is a one-off trait, unless one is able to explain the winglessness as the result of injury.

Inorath is a brown dragon with shortened headknobs. While he is not unintelligent, he has no contorl of his mindvoice, and usually screams a lot, represented ICly as BOLD ALLCAPS. Watch out about making him angry, as when he yells, he does so in EXTRA LARGE BOLD ALLCAPS

Deidarth is a rock feline dragon with 'mouths' located in her forepaws. These mouths are more like tooth-filled slits than legitimate jaws, but do present trouble when she must walk long distances. They do not digest food, but can digest firestone.

Spotted Feline Kattith is neither Albino or Piebald, but rather, is referred to as a 'snow' mutation, as she is a white dragonness with spotted feline markings. Other pattern mutations among spotted felines are relatively common, such as the 'Jaguar' mutation resulting in much, much larger, hollow spots of a mid-brown color rather than black. The 'king' mutation is a Takhisith egg trait.

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