Crafts in the South are based only on crafts which had a large enough presence before the quarantine for a complete crafthall to be founded. As the South was used as an assignment point only for Journeymen, there were very few of these available. Among them were:

Smith crafthall - Deep Trees
Carpenter crafthall - Sapphos
Glass crafthall - Sapphos

The current Healer Hall was established in turn 1130, at the advent of the Rupture Disease. It was the only southern crafthall to be staffed by masters. It is located in Deep Trees Hold.

Harper Crafthall was not able to be replicated, due to unfortunately high mortality rates among Harpers, who were, more than other crafters, predominantly male. The tasks to which harpers were usually assigned developed into apprenticeships of their own, but were never formalized into crafts. These include:
Musician (Education and entertainment)

However, the Scribes and Musicians, at least, are in the process of being reintegrated into the new Harper Hall in Yeskith. This is part of the source of continuing hatred that many Holders have for the hall, in the belief that it is indoctrinating valuable scribes and educators with northern thoughts.

Traders, always the hardiest of groups, survived the plague with both very few casualties, and nearly no changes in their own culture and traditions.

There was no seacraft, nor sailors. In fact, the ocean, and any deep body of water, are often regarded with extreme paranoia by most Southerners. The Sailor Hall which resides in Yeskith Seahold is as new as any Yeskith itself to the Southern continent.

There was no formal farmcraft or beastcraft, though people who can be considered authorities on plants, harvest, or livestock often took the title of master crafter, and took on apprentices.

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