Colors And Crests
Weyr Color One Color Two Color Three Crest Design
Sapphos Weyr Sapphos Crimson
Bond Color
(if applicable)
ZW2gj.png Lozenge
Crimson, Cream quadrants
Black tiger
Black dragon
High Reaches Weyr Weyr Purple
Conquered Grey
Bond Color
(if applicable)
(image pending) Lozenge
Purple tower
Grey background
Hold Color One Color Two Color Three Crest Design
Yeskith Seahold Yeskith Bronze
Sapphos Crimson
rZlU4.png Bronze shield
Crimson banners
White fisher-wyvern tail
White sail ship
Staren Guard Orange
OFXkt.png Modified Shield
Orange, Violet quadrants
Magenta 2 Arrows and Sword
Six-point arrangement
Deep Trees Hold Warm Brown
ksU5A.png Warm brown shield
Dark brown and green tree
Surrounded by nine small goldenrod stars
Overlaid with one large pale-gold star
Sapphos Hold Light Sky Blue
French Rose
Sapphos Crimson
vGLK6.png Light sky blue shield
With french rose oval void
Framed by crimson handmirror
Wher Burrow Hunter Green
Bond Color
(if applicable)
5gJ2k.png Lozenge
Green, Silver halves
Gold Moons
Black border

Shoulder Knots

In case you didn't know how these omnipresent markers of rank and heritage work, it goes a little like this:

People on Pern who are allied with or reside in a Hold, Hall or Weyr are given a little badge to wear, in the shape of the Hold/Weyr/Hall's crest. It is usually made of wherhide, though durable canvas fabric is not uncommon. It is stretched across a wooden or metal frame and held in place with either a button loop or a pin.

Attached to this badge and beneath it are some knots made of string. The color of the strings vary. Riders and Handlers often choose the make the stings in the color of their dragon or wher. Crafters on assignment will usually make their strings the color of the Hold or Weyr to which they are assigned.

The strings are easily replaced and available on sale at any hold market or trader, and can also be taken from Hold supply storage by request.

The strings are knotted in loops to denote the rank of the person attached to them, though obviously rank listings vary depending on whether they are of a Hold, Hall or Weyr. The image below roughly approximates the appearances of knots, and their associated ranks.

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