Birds Of Prey

One day, in the future, Serenade will edit this page with information for you. What we know so far:

Birds of prey are specially trained warriors, who have existed for generations, with the ultimate goal of… something. Possibly involving the Beacons.

They have what you might call split personalities, but which I prefer to think of in terms of a sort of self or training induced hypnosis. Their civilian selves are just that, civilians. Quite possibly really pitiful ones. Who can say.

Their combat selves, brought to the fore by certain signals, are ruthless warriors who have been conditioned to do precisely as they are told by their leader, the Hawk, and their second in command, The Hatchling Hawk.

Really, though, do be careful what you tell them to do. And extremely specific. For example, in the recent Northern attack, the hatchling hawk commanded the birds to attack and kill any rider not wearing Sapphos colors. He then remembered to specify northern riders, which is important, as the birds would have killed any riders, including those of Sapphos, not wearing northern colors. And that would have been a massacre.

If you remember, it was said that a small trained force of Staren guardsmen could damage a weyr?

Well. Eight Birds of Prey is more than sufficient to destroy one. These are not characters to be messed with lightly.

In adopting a Bird of Prey, you will have to accept certain terms:

Birds of prey physically cannot impress to any bondable creature, including all forms of dragonkin.
Birds of prey are obedient to the point of killing themselves to complete a task.
Birds of prey cannot be retired, re-adopted, or killed without plot-relevant reasons.
Birds of Prey require two profiles, one for their civilian self, and a much smaller one for their warrior self, which more or less consists of height and weight, with NO other appearance, a brief listing of specialized skills, and a title, which itself is one color and one bird of prey of any species not previous claim.

Previously claimed species:

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